Over 3 million children in Afghanistan have been deprived of education due to instability and insecurity in the country.


UNICEF has presented almost $46 million dollars to the ministry of education to aid the 3 million children with their education and help them attend schools all around the country.

The ministry of education’s acting minister, Mohammed Ibrahim Shinrawi has stated that over 3 million children remain education-less around the country and has signed a contract with UNICEF to contribute and aid the children in attending schools and pursuing their education with the contract stating that 46 million U.S dollars will be contributed to the cause.

The contribution is aimed at increasing school capacities and providing local education as well as a higher level of education for children in need. Around 1200 schools are currently closed because of increasing threats and overall instability around the country.

Children’s Needs

Mohammed Ibrahim Shinrawi has stated that, “We will try to establish a comprehensive system to assess the children’s learning needs to know how much of the learning goals have been achieved by the students. And if the children have not reached the expected results, we will find the reason and we also will find solutions”.

The Ministry of Education has also stated that out of the 3 million children without school and education, around 75% are female with males making up the remaining 25%.

The current goal is to find a way to reintroduce the 3 million children into schools, provide better educational systems and community schools as well as providing better training for teachers, with more focus on female teachers.

The current focus is mainly aimed at returning the children to their classrooms and providing a stable and educational environment and more importantly, a safe one in which both males and females are provided equal and proper education as needed.