Thousands of students across the UK are facing disruption to their education and schools as university staff from over 50 universities agree to protest against recent changes to their pension.

Growing Anger

University staff across the U.K have shown growing aggression towards a recent proposed change in pension payments as the Universities Superannuation Scheme, in charge of retirement payments, stating that an additional £500m was needed every year from pension pay across the kingdom in order to restore a £5bn well of debt.

Thousands of students could face potential issues to their education as UK Universities have agreed to protest the recent announcements, demanding against the proposals.

UCU general secretary, Sally Hun has stated that “UCU members have made it quite clear that they are prepared to take sustained strike action to defend their pensions. USS already offers worse benefits than other schemes available in universities, and UUK’s proposals would make matters worse.”

Student Concerns

Many concerns have surfaced over the recent events, with students across the UK facing potential halts and other educational related issues due to protests and opposition to the recent proposals.

A UKK spokesman spoke out against the actions, warning of disruption to students academics and that “We should be under no illusion, this is not a problem that will go away if ignored. UUK’s priority is to put USS on a secure and sustainable footing while offering attractive, market-leading pensions – the very best that can be afforded by both employers and employees.”

A meeting between the union’s higher education committee is planned to go through to discuss other actions and preparations in case a solution to recent events fails. Precautions are made as well as almost 200,000 higher education staff across the UK contribute together towards a USS pension.

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