Universities and colleges in California don’t provide students from in and out-of-state the help they need to find affordable housing

A survey issued across the nation revealed that the main problem with California’s institutions of higher education is that students are unable to find places to live within their budgets – cost of living is too high.

Approximately 85 percent of California citizens voiced the opinion through the survey that although the universities and colleges offer high-quality education, the main issue prompting discontentment is housing.

Students are burdened with the responsibility of finding housing that is both adequate and affordable (within budget) as well as being sufficiently close to campus: a task that can be so difficult in California that many decide to halt their higher education and end up never graduating.

Over 70 percent of survey participants agreed, totaling nearly 2,000 California residents responding to the questions in either English or Spanish.

California University’s primary campus is nearly 7,000 beds short

Carol Christ, UC’s chancellor has declared that the housing issue is urgent and is taking charge to work on solutions to the issue.

California’s community college and university are the most popular institutions to attend, but they do not always have dorm accommodation available.

Researchers responsible for the survey estimate that unless something is done to combat lack of accessible, affordable housing for students in California it will have a lack of approximately 1 million workers who have attended college by 2030.

Although criticism of California’s housing options for students was strong, survey responders did not seem especially willing to contribute towards solving the problem – nearly 80 percent declared they would not be willing to fund-raise or deal with additional taxes to combat the issue.

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