Drew Brent, a senior student at MIT aims to make the playing field of education level for all in the future

Drew Brent would have stated his interest in education to be nothing more than “side projects” when he commenced undergraduate studies at the Massachusetts Institution for Technology.

Brent had previously been employed at Khan Academy, an educational platform, and worked at Sony Ericsson at the same time as he was studying in high school, taking the opportunity to use what Brent acknowledged as his ultimate skill: programming.

Although Brent majored in electrical engineering, computer science, and physics he also tentatively pursued writing in the form of journalism for the university’s undergraduate newspaper, titled The Tech.

After one year, Brent decided that his so-called “side projects” were actually the work projects that he was not only immensely passionate about but that could also have a positive impact.

Brent commits to starting conversations and letting people be heard through his journalism

Several semesters into the future, Brent is finally able to articulate his aspirations: he is highly dedicated to making the playing field level when it comes to education, and allow every individual to express themselves in their unique way.

Brent has authored more than 35 articles as of his first freshman year, on topics from general campus news as well as recent research developments. However, Brent also takes the time to pursue lengthy projects in the field of investigative journalism: some projects taking months of time for research alone.

Brent finds the most interesting part of his journalistic career is allowing an individual who may not have been heard normally have a platform to tell their story, and perhaps lead to a change in an unfair, outdated, or discriminatory educational policy.

Brent has stated his goal as to build friendly learning environments across the US and states that his education at MIT will be of crucial importance to his success.