Student learning is listed at the top of strategic priorities for the development of policies

Indiana’s Educational Department’s priorities for developing and creating policies were established after meetings attended by numerous community members, educators, and parents over the course of the previous 11 months.

Jennifer McCormick, the state superintendent with jurisdiction over public school instruction, stated that she, alongside her staff, would cooperate with Indiana’s lawmakers in order to swiftly implement the outlined objectives.

McCormick stated that the basis of all proposed policies was to enhance the educational environment to be as innovative, immersive, and overall rich as possible in order to encourage students to develop an attitude for successful, lifelong learning practices.

The strategic goal of improving student learning including developing career-related courses in technical education, formally implementing Indiana’s STEM plan in order to promote technology, mathematics, science, and engineering opportunities, as well as advocating a revision of diploma requirements.

Indiana hopes to implement policy changes for the better

The President of the school board for Fort Wayne’s Community schools, Julie Hollingsworth, had yet to review the proposed priorities but suggested that community members, particularly parents, carefully review proposed regulations for graduation.

One such requirement is that graduating seniors are capable of demonstrating skills that can be used within the workforce as well as general readiness for college.

Hollingsworth stated that she believed schools would find their biggest job would be to educate parents as to why the new regulations and proposed programs would be beneficial in the long term for their students.

Other education policy priorities for Indiana include addressing the accountability system, outlining potential leadership development programs for teachers, and allowing for teaching licensing flexibility.

McCormick also stated that she would prioritize a “focused support” approach to promoting and developing successful students, effective educators, and engaged communities.