Mansfield High School aims to improve student culture with the generous grant while investigation of middle school’s assistant principal continues

The Mansfield school district director of improvement for schools, Martin Lindor, stated on Tuesday that the district had a specific plan in place to best utilize the funds to promote student achievement as well as enhance schools’ presence within the community.

Fellow staff members Andy Schiefer and Holly Christie joined Linder to offer more comprehensive overviews of the type of plans they planned to implement thanks to the generous grant.

Schiefer mentioned the development of behavioral referrals that are positive rather than negative to encourage students and parents alike to develop a bond with the school district.

Linder added that although receiving the large grant will be immensely helpful towards implementing future projects they are delighted to have received it, there remains work to be done.

Woman demands information on assistant principal who was accused of assaulting her son

During the district’s presentation, a woman (remaining unidentified for the sake of her son, the alleged victim) demanded details on the investigation into Ronnie Brown, the assistant principal being investigated for accusations of student mistreatment.

A report in publication News Journal that Mr. Brown did not, in fact, possess a valid license to teach during his employment at the Mansfield school.

The woman asked for updates on the investigation, stating she wanted to know the consequences for Mr. Brown for assaulting her son, as well as what measures the school district would take to ensure an incident of assault against a student would never happen again.

Brian Garverick, the Superintendent, responded that the investigation continues to progress but that he and the other members of the board were restricted from making comments on the investigation or Mr. Brown.

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