Government Grant

The Northumberland County Council has just granted £4.5m in government funding to open over 500 new classroom seating’s for students in Blyth, Seaton Valley and Morpeth, promising to further education in the county even more.

Many schools like New Delaval Primary School and Horton Grange Primary are a few of the schools promised to benefit for the government grant to create more spots at their schools for more students, hoping to bolster education in the county even further.

Council Leader Peter Jackson

Leader of the council, Peter Jackson, stated that living up to the promise of county that provides what is needed as well as wanting parents to rest comfortably knowing their children are receiving the proper education and learning experiences they deserve by opening new classrooms to provide more space for students at schools, furthering education and learning in the county.

The £4.5m investment is planned to be used to renew, refurbish and open up more, classrooms, providing more seats and spaces for students at New Delaval Primary School, Horton Grange Primary School, Whytrig Middle School and Chantry Middle School.

The Department Of Education has granted the large funding to support the local economy and ensure that new classrooms would be built and designed to maintain the current student-count and guarantee new students a place in each classroom as more students join these schools every year as demand for a place in a classroom for each student continues to grow with each passing year.

Galliford Try, a local contractor, has been chosen to lead the construction and project of a new primary school building, hoping to open its doors by the start of the new academic year in September of 2018. Coun Wayne Daley, Deputy Leader of the council has stated that “This investment will help to provide the best possible learning environment.”

Better Education

The new government funding is aimed to provide Northumberland County with better and more advanced education as well as opening school doors to even more students as they grow in numbers each year, with hopes of providing each student the educational methods, technological learning tools and other resources needed to maintain and provide high levels of learning in the county.

Peter Jackson has also stated that he believes a large part is a key to allowing parents to feel comfortable knowing their sons and daughters are receiving the best possible education and learning.

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