The Missouri Educational Board is expected to hold a meeting next week to vote whether or not to replace Margie Vandeven, Education Commissioner

Missouri state’s Board of Education is planning to hold a meeting on the morning of November 12st at Jefferson City in order to hold a discussion regarding employees working in the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education.

The prospective meeting will detail everything pertaining to employees: hiring new employees, terminating and/or disciplining certain employees, and granting promotions to others.

However, school officials believe that the meeting’s primary purpose will be to discuss the fate of Margie Vandeven, the Education Commissioner.

Eric Greitens, Missouri Governor, has hinted at replacing Vandeven after making new appointments in the State Board over the course of the last five months.

Greitens’ move has been criticized by Democratic and Republican state senators alike, who claim that the possibility of replacing Vandeven is too hurried and “irresponsible” since the Senate has yet to officially confirm any of Greitens’ State Board appointees.

On Thursday, Greiten’s new appointees managed a majority of five members within the board, enough required members to oust Vandeven. The very next day, three of the new board members made a request for a closed meeting.

Board members, one of Greiten’s appointees included, express concern

So far, three members of the board have stated they have concerns regarding Greitens’ future plans.

Major educational organizations within Missouri have expressed support for Vandeven and objections towards Greiten for attempting to replace her.

These organizations, as well as state legislator David Wood, perceive Greiten’s maneuvers as “tainting” the position of education commissioner and the state’s school board with politics.