Ann Fisher, a teacher at Victorville Kindercare, was recently awarded for her teaching accomplishments

Ann Fisher was playing host at an autumn party for the families of her students when she was suddenly interrupted by a pleasant, and shocking surprise.

The teacher discovered she had been awarded a prestigious honor: National KinderCare Education Legacy Award, which aside from being an honored title will also grant Fisher a prize of $10,000.

Fisher was chosen from over 28,000 candidates, and will also be granted a trip, paid for by Kindercare, to Portland in Oregon for her official recognition at the Support Center belonging to Kindercare.

Fisher was delighted with the turn of events, stating that she was at a loss for words during the ceremony, and saying that she was lucky to have received a reward for doing the job she is passionate about every day.

During the ceremony, Fisher said that she knew from a young age she was likely to end up working as a teacher, stating that her own mother told her that she had a nurturing personality best suited to either nursing or teaching.

Fisher demonstrated commitment and dedication to her students and youth in the community

The NKELA award is granted to teachers who have distinguished themselves as creative, inspiring individuals who engage their students and promote curiosity and development among youth.

Fisher was identified as unique by the foundation due to her studious attention to each and every student as an individual, as well as her involvement with the community beyond her capacity as a school teacher.

Fisher takes the time to compile her own notes on the characteristics, needs, and personality of her students to ensure tailor-made, beneficial lesson plans based on each individual student’s education requirements.

Fisher volunteers for various charities within her community, as well as contributing to toy and food drives whenever possible.

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