Lawmakers have recently implemented ideas on improving and upgrading the Board of Education in Alabama, stating that several changes need to happen to enhance productivity and performance. Terri Collins shares her thoughts on how to improve the board of educations functionality.


Republican Terri Collins has stated that she has found a way to improve overall performance at the board of education, aimed at an entirely new and stronger board of education. Deciding to find a different approach last year, she has also stated that the current board of education was in a “state of chaos” and that several members were arguing between each other as well as a “lack of vision”.

Terri Collins has proposed a bill which adds 4 additional seats to the board of education, making a total of 13 board members. Two seats are to belong to students with the other two filled with Alabama’s teachers of the year as a more open and involving approach.

Training and more

Collins as also proposed special training for members of the board with several qualifications to ensure that the board of education “leads by example”. Stating that 19 other states around America have students on their board of education, it serves as an effective plan to involve the community and better education all around.

Hoping the bill passes, Collins also stated that she expects many other bills to come in to directly propose changing how the board of education functions and that several upgrades and performance issues are eventually tackled to ensure that the board functions at its very best. Positive reaction towards Collins bill shows promise, proving that she isn’t alone in her ideas and thoughts on how board members are elected, education is enhanced and overall functionality.

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