Millennials switch jobs more frequently than previous generations, and must develop adaptability and flexibility

Katlyn Grasso, the founder of millennial-centric company GenHERation, states that her organization’s mission is to close the achievement gap between genders in the job market.

According to statistics, despite significant improvement of opportunities, pay, and job types for women over the past decades, there is still a pattern of women earning and achieving less than their male counterparts professionally.

GenHERation works to connect millennial women with Generation Z women, and then lead them both to specialized changemaking global corporations that work, like GenHERation, to advance women’s opportunities in the professional field.

Grasso adds that although women are attaining higher education degrees, particularly in advanced fields, more so than men, there are still less than 7% of female members of the Fortune 500 – a prestigious list of high-ranking CEO’s of the world’s top-earning companies.

GenHERation hopes to further the potential of women in the workforce

GenHERation has partnered with over 70 different companies including Hartford Funds, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, NFP and more – all of whom work to expose the members of GenHERation to varied career opportunities, as well as offering employees the chance to have their costly tuition fees reimbursed.

Grasso also aims to address a critical issue for today’s millennials: the skill gap. This is due to the rapid evolution of technology required to succeed in fields, and essentially means the education attained by millennials does not cover the required skills for 21st century jobs.

The programs offered by GenHERation and its respective partners train its members to acquire in-demand skills for today’s workforce, without taking steps backwards by accumulating further debt.

Grasso also predicts that many companies will begin to prioritize the advancement and development of education overall, as it is a current demand by millennial workers.