The group, responsible for promoting computer science in public schools, aims for a future where computer science becomes a required subject

Legislation passed by the previous Iowan Governor, Terry Branstad, established a group consisting of school administrators, school board representatives, college professors, and technology company employees.

The aim of the group is to encourage all public schools to offer the subject of computer science by summer of 2019 and allow the courses to be counted towards math requirements for high school students.

The aim of allowing computer science to be incorporated into requirements for core credit like mathematics will establish that computer science is not merely an elective, but an essential part of standard education.

Branstad’s legislation included established guidelines for computer science, as well as creating a fund to incite professional development.

The group requested that school districts receiving funding for professional development in computer science to broaden the reach of the program by making computer science a required course for graduation.

Department of Education in Iowa declares the group’s report and subsequent recommendations are “motivating”

Other key facets of the recommendations included in the report are a request to the Iowan Board of Education to better improve communication between schools as to how computer science will be included in technical and career education programs.

The report also suggests teachers take advantage of the opportunity to develop themselves in the field of computer science through professional development courses to be held online.

Standards for computer science education courses would be monitored by the Educational Department of Iowa, to ensure that high-quality markers are met and courses are kept relevant and up-to-date.

Lastly, the report recommends an application process that is engaging and competitive for the development fund.