The Grammy Music Education Coalition or the GMEC aims to increase the number of students playing, performing and creating music in public schools throughout the US

The GMEC is a nonprofit organization consisting of over 30 organizations dedicated to music education, including VH1’s Save the Music, NAMM Foundation, and more.

Neil Portnow, the CEO of Recording Academy stated that the idea behind the GMEC began by the dream that every student had a chance early in their educational careers to learn more about music and participate in creating and performing different types of music.

Portnow said that if key players throughout the music industry – such as the foundations, institutions, and organizations that have chosen to become a part of the GMEC – pooled their resources and efforts, a big change in music education could occur across communities throughout the nation.

The Executive Director of the GMEC, Lee Whitmore (Ph.D.), said that music education has benefits both inside and outside of the classroom, encouraging the development of social and cognitive skills too.

The program will target communities and school districts that are struggling, offering funding and services to enhance music education based on the school’s needs, with the aim to produce long-term sustainable musical education.

GMEC partners with Pixar to introduce musical education to students and teachers

Pixar, in conjunction with GMEC, will release a short film entitled “Coco”, about a young boy who plays guitar and wishes he was a famous musician. The film aims to introduce the importance of musical education to students and teachers.

The team behind Coco will donate 300 guitars to the first school to partner with GMEC, and the Guitar Center will add an additional 300 guitars to the team’s donation.