The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency gave the Birmingham Zoo a grant of $91,000 for Environmental Education funds in ordre to provide funding for their work to promote technology, environmental science, mathematics and engineering in Birmingham.

The zoo received one of 36 grants awarded on an international level on the 2017 program for Environmental Education Grants.

“This grant helps teach Alabama students and their families about protecting their water resources through hands-on activities while exploring STEM career paths,” Scott Pruitt,  EPA administrator, said.


The Birmingham Zoo obtained the grant in order to fund their two-year-long Water Investigations Project via its program entitled ZooSchool.

ZooSchool was developed as an E-STEM hands-on initiative offered for a free to public school students as well as teachers participating.

“Through our own educational programs as well as collaborative relationships with community partners such as Birmingham City Schools, University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Center for Community OutReach Development and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, we will be promoting environmental stewardship and helping develop responsible citizens with regard to protecting water as a limited resource,” William R. Foster, the CEO and president of Birmingham Zoo said to local news station WVTM13.

Financial Support

The EPA also gave out about $2 million as well as $3.5 million per year to support over 3,600 environmental education-based grants from the year 1992.

The EPA also seeds proposals for grants from the applicants who applied and are eligible in order to support projects promoting environmental awareness in addition to stewardship, as well as helping to provide infiviuals with skills they need to take actions to be responsible and help protect the earth’s environment.

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