Texas’s Education Agency terminated Director of Special Education, Laurie Kash following a suit accusing her of attempting to conceal accusations of abuse from a former student

Kash, who had only begun working as the Director of Special Education as of August, faced accusations of attempting to conceal allegations of child abuse during her time working in the same position at a school district within Rainier, Oregon.

The lawsuit – worth $1.85 million, alleges that Kash demanded several employees “keep quiet” and avoid mentioning the allegations of abuse brought to light by the child.

The TEA issued a statement saying that Kash did not disclose the allegations during her hiring process, adding that if she had she would not have been hired.

The statement went on to add that given the responsibilities of the job, these sort of allegations definitively would prevent Kash from completing her duties as required within Texas and that Kash had “no business” working in a position where she was in control of policies and programming pertaining to special education in Texas.

Kash states the TEA was aware of the lawsuit

Bill Aleshire, Kash’s attorney, claims that Kash did not attempt to conceal anything related to the lawsuit from the TEA and that Kash only learned she had been terminated by the Statesman.

Aleshire stated that Kash wholeheartedly denies the Oregon lawsuit’s allegations and that the child’s claims of abuse were thoroughly analyzed by three separate state agencies within Oregon and discovered to be unfounded, repeating that Kash had indeed mentioned the lawsuit to the TEA prior to her hiring.

Kash’s termination happened a day after she filed an official federal complaint claiming that the TEA entered a contract, worth over $4 million, with a company from Georgia “wrongly” to analyze the records of disabled children