Former Governor Jeb Bush declared his support of a new law that may increase charter school growth in Florida

Richard Corcoran, House Speaker, and his associated lieutenants consisted of the primary advocates of a legislation that included the creation of the program Schools of Hope (SOH) and expansion of the program “Best & Brightest” for teachers.

The SOH program is likely to prompt charter school development in areas near public schools that are facing difficulties.

Jeb Bush, who ran in the 2016 Presidential campaign against current President Donald Trump, continues to be active in the field of education reform in the state of Florida.

Bush stated that the results of HB 7076, the legislation, will be highly beneficial in the long-term and that many children, as well as parents, will benefit from having a broader range of choices regarding education.

However, a collection of school districts in Florida have sued to demand the Supreme Court of Florida overturn the legislation.

Bush, who has been familiar with controversy and litigation in his efforts to push his agenda of ambitious changes in the field of education, was unperturbed by the school districts’ protesting the law.

Bush encourages focusing on putting policies into action rather than politics

Although Bush has managed success in initiatives such as the “A Plus” program to enhance grading and testing within schools on an A-F scale, and the provision of vouchers to disabled students, he has also lost battles.

A law that would allow students to use vouchers that are publicly funded towards private school attendance, with the aim of providing better education to students of lower financial means, was one such lost court case for Bush.

Bush stated that he hoped in the future individuals elected to important roles in the educational sector and beyond the focus on enacting policies as opposed to “political fighting”.

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