Daniel Rezac

Daniel Rezac is the Editor in Chief. In addition- he has taught Science, Social Sciences, and Applied Technology en route to his position as a Tech Specialist for a school district in Northern Illinois. He often presents about Education’s place in the media landscape, Youtube in the classroom, and supporting classroom skills with video tutorials, as exemplified by his Mathademics Project:

Jay Blackman

Your friendly neighborhood tech guy. Jay is the Director of Information and Educational Technology at Tri-Creek School Corporation in Lowell, Indiana and a third-generation educator. He is an edugadget, Apple, and Foursquare nut and loves nothing more than working with teachers and students to get more tech in the classroom. You can sometimes find more of him at

Scott Meech

Scott Meech is in his 16th year of teaching with a Master’s Degree in Education. While he has a myriad of interests, his favorite pastime is studying the impact technology is making and can make on education. He believes that education is on the brink of major change and that technology will finally fulfill its promise.

Judith Epcke

Judith Epcke is a Technology Facilitator/Coach for Northbrook District 28 in Northbrook, IL. In her role as a technology facilitator, it’s Judith’s job (and passion) to show teachers how technology can transform their teaching and their students’ learning. Prior to her current position, Judith ran a K-5 school computer lab for 3 years and spent many years as a 4th grade teacher. She holds an M.Ed in Technology in Education and her administrative certification with a concentration in technology leadership. Judith has presented at national and local education conferences on topics such as: curriculum development, the reading/writing process, and technology integration. Recently, she co-authored a book for teachers on using the software application, Comic Life. Judith blogs semi-regularly at

Kim Zimmer

During the weekdays you can find me at at Avoca West Elementary School in Glenview, Illinois. I teach 4th and 5th grade Encore Technology, a project-based technology enrichment class and work as a building technology facilitator conducting weekly trainings with teachers. My roots are in broadcast journalism and I graduated from the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!) with a degree in electronic media in 2002. After a few years working in a Seattle newsroom, I threw in the towel to pursue education and have never looked back. I stay true to my journalism roots by running an after school broadcast club for 5th graders called “iOnAvoca”. I’m a Google Certified Teacher, work at an Apple Exemplary School, conduct Google trainings throughout the year and have presented at numerous technology conferences. When I’m not geeking out, I keep myself busy with music, world travel and city life in wonderful Chicago.

Chris Atkinson

Chris Atkinson is an assistant principal at College Wood Elementaryl in the Carmel Clay school district in Carmel, IN. Chris is a devoted educator, leader, an advocate for educational technology, Google Certified Teacher, and a STAR Discovery educator. Chris has also taught grades 2-5, and served as a school technology coordinator. To learn more about Chris please visit

Meg Wilson

Meg Wilson is a special education teacher and assistive technology specialist with a passion for educating others on the importance of individualizing instruction for all students. Meg presents at local, statewide, and regional conferences in order to offer professional development opportunities for educators to learn about using iPods, iPhones, and iPads in the classroom. She blogs at about special education and mobile learning devices, app reviews, and resources for educators.

James O’Hagan

“Sine Metu.” Involved in education since 1999, James believes in promoting independent learners that will work in a flexible environment, that is inquiry-driven, thoughtful and empowering – not bound by disability or socio-economics. He believes that technology should transform pedagogy. More importantly, James believes in raising the level of expectation for student performance and teacher innovation. He has served in a variety of capacities including teacher (self-contained and special education), technology integration specialist, and director. Currently serving as the Director of Instructional Technology for Forrestville Valley School District 221 in Forreston, Illinois, James oversees district iPad 1:1 initiative for students in grades six through twelve as well as technology for the entire district. Connect with James via Twitter by following @jimohagan.

Scott Weidig

Scott Weidig is currently the Technology Coordinator at Schaumburg High School in Township High School District 211. A life-long passionate learner, Scott became a teacher in order to help students embrace the joy learning can evoke in life. Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and History, a Master in Education Leadership, and is completing his Type-75 Administration Certification. In addition to working with teachers and student, Scott can be found presenting at local and regional conferences on a variety of topics from the integration of technology in the classroom, specific technologies and tools, to student achievement and learning in the 21st century. He has been interviewed by Forrester Research and Network World and Converge Magazine. You can find some of Scott’s thoughts, musings, and passion at his blog

Zack Gilbert

Zack Gilbert is currently a 6th grade social studies/language arts teacher in Normal, IL. He is a building technologist and an advocate for educational technology in central Illinois. He is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University and has an M.S. in Instructional Technology and Design from Illinois State University. His master’s research looked at the impact of educational games and how the knowledge gained is stored into long term memory. Zack believes that games and learning helps students learn a broader spectrum of knowledge when compared to traditional teaching.

Fred Delventhal

Fred Delventhal works as senior level Instructional Technology Coordinator for a medium sized school district in Virginia. He has presented at National Educational Computer Conference, Northern Virginia Technology Educational Consortium conferences, the Technology and Learning Symposia (Virginia), and the Virginia Department of Education Educational Technology Leadership Conference. Fred has worked as an adjunct professor for George Mason University Instructional Technology Certificate Program, the Four Rivers Consortium (Virginia), and most recently for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. In 2009 Fred became a Google Certified Teacher and was named one of the leaders of the year by the Discovery Educator Network. In 2011 Fred was one of the recipients of Discovery Education’s PL DEN award. Fred is part of the network and actively participates in the Google Educast Podcast and ToolZeit. Items appearing on any of his personal accounts have no connection to his current employer.

John Sowash

John Sowash is the director of online learning at Southfield Christian School outside of Detroit, Michigan. As a Google Certified Teacher and Trainer John provides professional development for schools and businesses around the country. You can connect with John through is blog, or on Twitter, @jrsowash.

Jon Orech

Instructional Tech Coordinator at Downers Grove South High School in Illinois. Advocate for inquiry-driven, student-centered education and evangalist for Digital Storytelling. Away from school I savor the “4 F’s”: Family, Football, Fishing, and Food.

Gerry James

Gerry James is currently a Visual Arts educator in at Schaumburg High School in Schaumburg, IL. He has been at this current position for six years. Gerry obtained his B.S.Ed from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL with an emphasis in Art Education, Photography and Digital Technologies. He graduated with a minor in Art History as well. Last year Gerry completed his M.S.Ed in Art Education from Northern Illinois University, and with this degree he focused on Visual Culture and advancing technologies in the classroom. Gerry has done research in virtual learning environments and their use in the classroom (including SecondLife, World of Warcraft, and OpenSim) and continues to have great interest in gaming and its impact on education.

Jeremy Brueck

Jeremy Brueck serves as a Co-Director for Akron Ready Steps at the University of Akron where he provides strategic direction and coordination of web services in the design of professional development for pre-K-12 teachers. Mr. Brueck is a licensed teacher for grades 1-8 and also holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership with an elementary Principal license. He is a PhD candidate who is researching the use of eBooks and mobile devices in early literacy learning. Jeremy provides ongoing support to school districts and teachers to assist them in meeting their goals and for long-term success and efficacy. He has presented on a wide variety of education and technology topics to national and international audiences. Past conference presentations include the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Society for the Scientific Study of Reading (SSSR), International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), eTech Ohio (OETC), and other regional educational technology conferences.

Guest Blogger

We invite educators from all over the world to make their voice heard. This blogger is just one of the many.

Ben Grey

Director of Technology and Communications for Oak Lawn-Hometown District 123.

Recent Post: iPad vs. Netbook for a 1:1

Patrick Black

Patrick Black is a special education teacher who currently teach students with significant cognitive disabilities in a self-contained classroom in Mt. Prospect, IL. He is a self-described “geek” who loves to share all things technology, and has worked to integrate technology into the classroom to assist with communication, cognition, and socialization. He blogs about technology and it’s use in the classroom at

Sylvia Martinez

President of Generation YES, a non-profit with a mission to empower young people to improve their own schools and communities with the tools of the 21st century. I’m passionate about learning, and how education can become more authentic and relevant. I write and speak about project-based learning, student voice, technology teaching and learning, games in education, programming, and gender issues related to technology. I got my start as an electrical engineer and math geek.

Emily Thompson

Emily is the new Learning Technologies Librarian at SUNY Oswego. She spends her time looking at technology, trying to find innovative ways to use it in learning, and then teaching others how to get the most out of what she’s found. She’s very eager to join the EdReach community and share in the conversation about libraries, literacy, and education!

James Sanders

James Sanders is a classroom teacher at KIPP: San Francisco Bay Academy. He was one of the first educators in the country to bring Chromebooks into his classroom. Through Google Apps, YouTube and other cloud-based tools, James has created a dynamic blended-learning environment for his students that demands collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. In addition to his role in the classroom, James is a project manger for YouTube on EDU initiatives. Since joining YouTube, his projects include YouTube Teachers, the YouTube Teachers’ Studio, and YouTube for Schools. James is a blended and cloud-based learning specialist for the EdTech Team. He consults for companies and schools on matters of education technology. He specializes in helping schools leverage web-based tools to increase rigor and student engagement.

Elisabeth LeBris

Elisabeth has been a school librarian since 1977. She has grown with every technological change of the field. She is proud to be an Apple product freak, a web 2.0 tools user, deep into transliteracy and is devoted to her K-8 students at a public school in suburban Chicago. Mom, wife, horse and dog person.

Carol Broos

Carol Broos has recently retired after thirty-three years of teaching music grades kindergarten through eighth grade in Illinois. Her passion is to bring infuse music and technology together. Awarded 2006 Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher, 2008 Google Teacher Academy, 2008 Illinois Music Teacher of the Year (Mary Hoffman), 2008 “Golden Apple” winner, and 2009 Apple Distinguished Educator. Her blog is one of the top ME (Music Education) bloggers on She is a member of the Advisory Board of the Music Educators Journal for NAfME.

Nathan Wear

Nathan Wear serves as High School Principal for Solon Community School District located in Eastern Iowa. Solon is a progressive district of about 1200 students nestled between the greater urban areas of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Nathan has been an administrator since 2005 and has worked with several organizations, such as School Administrators of Iowa, to support and encourage the professional growth of administrators. He has experience as both an elementary and high school principal. He also recently completed his advanced degree for school superintendency. Nathan enjoys the challenge of educating 21st century learners and working to build a collective “voice” in education to move our system ahead.