Today’s education system simply passes students through their schooling to their detriment

The nation’s leading innovators in education and invention gathered together on the Center for Education Reform’s 24th Anniversary on Tuesday to discuss how best to improve education in the United States.

The conclusion of these prestigious individuals was that education must meet the following criteria to be successful: be personalised, broad, and accessible to everyone and anyone.

Former D.C. City Councilman Kevin Chavous said: “The way to have better outcomes for all kids to meet them where they are and inspire them.”

Chavous, as well as others present at the Reform criticized the current education system that is in many ways the same as it was 50 years ago without trying to offer an education that is more tailored to individual students’ needs and interests.

Massive student debt, college drop-out rates, and remedial rates indicates that the majority of students are ill-prepared for education and for life.

The Center for Education Reform commits to a new future for education

In the next 24 years, innovators in education aim to break down the traditional education system – such as concepts like fixed grades and the “us vs. them” mentality of students and teachers alike.

Their ambitious goals, unlike that of most educational policies and bills, do not require massive funding – rather different approaches.

Educational entrepreneur Chris Whittle emphasized the importance of focusing on each student as an individual to encourage them to explore their interests and better prepare them for life and the working world.

“If a school can help you find that [long-term goal], that school helps you find something else that’s even more important, which is confidence.”

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