Krish Vignarajah plans to reveal her stance on education om Woodlawn on Wednesday, including a proposal for free tuition

Vignarajah worked as a policy director under Michelle Obama, former first lady of the United States, and is currently running for governor in the state of Maryland.

Vignarajah is one of eight Democratic candidates, and states her program is one that will enable Maryland’s citizens to take advantage of opportunities from childhood to adulthood: “Cradle to Career”.

Vignarajah stated that despite Maryland once holding a shining reputation for schools and education, it is now heading in the opposite direction, something she aims to repair.

Among Vignarajah’s proposals is free to access and tuition to community college in Maryland, as well as some “standard” Democratic proposals such as actively providing funding for public schools in need, and universal pre-K.

Vignarajah is not the only Democratic candidate to oppose current Governor (and Republican) Larry Hogan: Alec Ross, an entrepreneur, revealed a detailed educational program on the official campaign website several months ago.

The other Democratic candidates in the race for governor are still in the process of developing and finalizing their own programs pertaining to education.

Vignarajah’s plan “more modest” than that of rivals

Rival candidate Ben Jealous has proposed that college tuition be free for the entire four years. Vignarajah’s goals for tuition are modest, and affordable: free tuition at community colleges that have two-year programs.

Vignarajah’s proposal will cost between $100 to $150 million per year, with funding coming from such unconventional financing means as partnerships between private and public institutions and social impact bonds.

Vignarajah also calls for a greater emphasis on education in the fields of technology, science, math and engineering.

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