We understand that for education- advertising is broken.

Thousands of educators toil day and night creating blogs, videos, podcasts, and other innovative content- all without compensation. All for free. In order to provide a better learning environment for their students. In order to connect with other educators. In order to take education forward.

The media system that is currently in place online – doesn’t allow educators the freedom to monetize their websites. Similarly, this situation also makes things difficult for those newer education companies that are trying to reach a direct market. Because ad networks are usually run by a bidding process, this often leaves out companies that are:

  1. Innovative
  2. Creative
  3. Pioneering

They can’t compete because the system has priced them out. We want to change this. That’s why we approach advertising very carefully and thoughtfully. We know that the educator’s word is influential, and on us we talk about the companies, products, and platforms that we believe adhere to our mission- they Take Education Forward.

So, when you hear the word “advertising,” realize that this means something completely different to  us and our educator contributors. We wish to make this an authentic, relevant, and innovative experience.

When we say a company Takes Education Forward – we mean it.

We have the distinction of reaching a large direct market of educators worldwide. We serve a broad market that includes Pre-K, Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education. We are looking specifically for brands/services/products that do more than fill airwaves- but serve our audience.

If you think your company fits that bill- let us know.